Tattoo designs by Rebecca La Norma, Jose Bolorin and Bobby Trefz.

Tattoo designs by Rebecca La Norma, Jose Bolorin and Bobby Trefz.

Happy Halloween everyone!  Sure, it’s a little early to be saying that but we get excited whenever the calendar turns to October!  And to prove it our fine and super talented artists are designing Halloween themed designs for you to choose from!  We’ll be announcing soon when these designs will be displayed at both shops for you to check out and get tattooed!  Make sure you follow and keep up with us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter) and right here on our website!

A round of applause for our sister’s at Head Candy Salon!

head candy

Big news from our sisters at Head Candy Salon and we couldn’t be more proud of them!  On October 29th, from 1 – 5 pm, Head Candy is hosting their first Cut-a-thon to benefit Multiple Sclerosis!  Head Candy is partnering with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s Delaware Valley Chapter to raise money for research to help find a cure for this terrible disease that affects over 300,000 Americans including the owner of Head Candy, Robin Dorton.

Throughout the day, they will be doing free haircuts on MS Society patients that have been unable to get a haircut in years due to their physical limitations.  All proceeds from haircuts will be donated to the MS Society.  Click here to contact Head Candy or call 856-751-HAIR (4247) to book your appointment!  Women’s cuts are $40, men’s cut are $20!  Also, 10% of all retail sales during the Cut-a-thon will be will be donated!

Head Candy will also be raffling donated gift baskets and gift certificates from other area businesses along with Head Candy baskets and gift certificates for the salon and a chance to win a free makeover!  Raffle tickets for the free makeover are available at Head Candy beginning October 1!

And, to top off a day of fun and philanthropy, famed celebrity stylist Nick Arrojo will be arriving to help celebrate the day’s events!  You’ll have a chance to meet Nick and chat about his products, success, and his 3 NYC salons!  For more info check out Head Candy’s Facebook page by clicking here or go to salonheadcandy.com  We hope to see you there!

head candy 2

Come to the Brooklawn, NJ Fall Festival!

We at 12 oz. Studios have always been proud to call Brooklawn, NJ our home.  Not to disparage the wonderful town of Deptford, but it’s where Alex Feliciano and Meghan Patrick decided to firmly plant their roots in 2005 when they opened the first 12 oz. Studios shop on New Broadway.  The citizens and public servants of Brooklawn have always been incredibly warm, welcoming, friendly and helpful.  And trust us, that’s not always easy when you own and operate a tattoo and piercing shop!

That is why we are excited to help promote the first Borough of Brooklawn Fall Festival!  The festival will be held at the Brooklawn Waterfront at Timber Blvd on Saturday, October 17, beginning at 1 pm until dusk.  It will be a full day of continuous live music, food, games, hayrides, entertainment, and concluded with a fireworks display (courtesy of Westville, NJ) at 7 pm over the river!  Please share and help us spread the word!  Hope to see you there!


Today the fine folks at NJ.com​ announced the winner of New Jersey’s Best Tattoo Shop contest and unfortunately, it was not 12 oz. Studios.  Sure we’re a little bummed, but we can’t begin to thank all of YOU for your love, support and encouragement throughout this entire contest and beyond!  We truly love all of our clients!  You make tattooing and piercing way more fun and exciting than it already is!  It was a thrill to be a part of the top 5 and we are so grateful for your hard work in getting out the vote to everyone.  Congratulations to Rorschach Gallery in Edison, NJ for grabbing the number 1 spot!  We hope NJ.com holds another contest next year so we can go for the gold once again!

Check Out Our Write Up on NJ.com!

Check it out! Our feature on our Brooklawn shop is up on NJ.com!  Click here, give it a look and share it with your friends! Once again, thank you all so much for your love and support and helping us make it to the TOP 5!  We wouldn’t have made it without YOU!  We had a fun time hanging out with Bobby Olivier, even though he doesn’t like our exposed wall that we receive nothing but compliments on! ; ) Thank’s again everyone! Now, onward to NUMBER 1!!!

We made the Top 5 Best Tattoo Shops in New Jersey!

WE MADE THE TOP 5! This would not have been possible without YOU, our beloved clients, friends and family! We cannot thank everyone enough for their love, constant support and consistent dedication for both 12 oz. Studios Brooklawn and Deptford shops. We have the absolute best clients any shop could ask for! We welcome the arrival of Bobby Olivier from NJ.com where he will take a tour of our shop(s) and officially put us in the running for Best Tattoo Shop in NJ. Thank you all again for your hard work and let’s go for NUMBER 1!

We made the top 10 Best Tattoo Shops in NJ! Help us get to number 1!

WE MADE THE TOP 10!!! A huge thank you to everyone who answered the call and helped spread the word to vote for 12 oz. Studios as the Best Tattoo Shop in New Jersey! But, it’s not over yet! We still need your help to make it to the TOP 5!!! Please click here to vote and share this post with as many people as you can! Voting ends Tues. 9/8 at 9:00 am. Thank you all for your continuous support and let’s go for NUMBER 1!!!

Giving Back

Today our friends at Barnetnados on 27th and Westfield Ave in Camden, NJ are hosting their first annual back to school day! They will be giving free haircuts to kids in need, as well as collecting school supplies.

We at 12 oz Studios as well as our sister’s at Salon Head Candy flew to the stores, pulled out the carts and filled them up! Obviously, a little heavy on the art supplies (Ha ha ha!).

Even though we are in a completely different field of business and some may say, “Your sister company is a hair salon. Isn’t that Barnetnados’s competition? Why go to so much trouble?”  Robin Dorton from Salon Head Candy and Alex Feliciano both grew up in Camden, NJ. They could never, and will never, forget where they came from and how hard it was for them, their siblings and their parents. To be able to help kids in need and give back to the community is such a blessing. With all of the hard life lessons from growing up in Camden, Alex and Robin are eternally grateful they’ve had the opportunity to better their lives, become successful and help better those lives around them. When you start with nothing, you have nothing to lose. So why not try to make your dreams come true!  It isn’t easy and you will fall a few times. But you need to fall in order to learn how to get up!


Please vote for 12 oz. Studios for Best Tattoo Shop in New Jersey!

After one failed attempt by nj.com to hold a contest for best tattoo shop in our fair state, the contest is back on!  We are honored to have both our Brooklawn and Deptford shops nominated among so many fantastic shops New Jersey has to offer.  But, let’s cut to the chase!  We need your hope to reach the top spot!  Numero uno!  NUMBER ONE!!!  So here is what you need to do.  Click here, click on 12 oz Studios, Brooklawn & Deptford, then click VOTE.  It’s so easy!  Only one vote per day, per device is allowed so pass the word on to your friends!  Thanks for all your help!