It’s our 8 year anniversary

Yesterday, January 13 was a special day.  It was a good sunday. It was quiet, relaxing, and kinda gloomy, but perfect. It was the perfect time to reflect on the last eight year. You see eight years ago on this day, 12 oz Studios opened its doors. So I spent the day sketching what will become a new T-shirt to commemorate the 8 year anniversary and drinking a Bacardi 8 years aged rum on the rocks… It was a good day.


sketch jan 13Looking back at the days before we opened, all I can think of all the people that helped make it happen.  The shenanigans that went down almost daily. The damn shlamp we couldn’t get rid of (it was a lamp that was attached to a shelve, 70’s style all the way).  How after we got our approval from the board of health, we got our licenses and try to celebrate by going to NYC and never making it cuz the car was acting up on the way there and driving very slow back home. Soon after opening. the shop became everyones hang out. The silly shit we did on our off time. The nights drinking all over Philly. We have seen so many of our customers grow up from crazy kids, to responsible adults with kids or just grow as people.  It’s amazing.  I reminisced a lot yesterday.

In 8 years lots has changed.  Back then 12 oz was one of the first custom only tattoo shops in our area. With very little flash and the walls were covered by paintings and art created by  people who work there, we were trying to show everyone that tattooing was an art form.  We wanted to make all those people that didn’t like tattoos question their opinion by creating amazing art on skin. Our principle of good work and our reputation is more important than money was the key. It was about the quality. We want to be that shop that will be here forever. Our tattoos are an extension of ourselves.  It all started with just two artist,  Alex and Meghan. Now we have an amazing crew with the same principles that is 12 oz. What we started 8 years ago now seems the norm now. But back then it seemed that 12 oz was the first Tattoo art gallery that holding art shows, specializing in one of kind tattoos, quality of quantity and trying to do something different. Today this still is true.

I could list here everyone I have to thank, but in 8 years, millions of people we’ve met, countless drinks, haha. I will inevitably forget someone. Those who have been part of the 12 oz history know how important they are. Our hard working artist, passed and present, that inspired the growth artistically. Our friends that still come to the shop to hang out, knowing that we are at work and are not normal. The rest of the staff that make sure the business end runs right and our customers are comfortable.  And of course, our customers that let us create and keep coming back for more. Thank you all.



We’d Like to welcome our New Artist, Steve Bishov to our 12oz Family

He’s no stranger to the area. If you are from the south Jersey area and you know tattoos, you’ve heard his name. Steve will be tattooing out of our 12 oz Studios Deptford shop. He will be working Wednesdays through Saturdays. He will be settling in this week and taking appointments. You can also follow him on his facebook page and instagram.