Today the fine folks at NJ.com​ announced the winner of New Jersey’s Best Tattoo Shop contest and unfortunately, it was not 12 oz. Studios.  Sure we’re a little bummed, but we can’t begin to thank all of YOU for your love, support and encouragement throughout this entire contest and beyond!  We truly love all of our clients!  You make tattooing and piercing way more fun and exciting than it already is!  It was a thrill to be a part of the top 5 and we are so grateful for your hard work in getting out the vote to everyone.  Congratulations to Rorschach Gallery in Edison, NJ for grabbing the number 1 spot!  We hope NJ.com holds another contest next year so we can go for the gold once again!


2 thoughts on “A Huge THANK YOU!

  1. Congratulations! I chose 12oz because i was shopping around for an artist near me to do a couple of small designs and a friend sent me the nj.com article. My experience was top notch from my initial inquiries and the prompt replies I got down to the appointment and the work itself by Bobby. He was quick, precise and the work was on point with classic cure as the soundtrack to my tattoos! I recommend highly.

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