Please Help the Citizens of Puerto Rico.

puerto-rico-flag (1)

Please help those devastated by Hurricane Maria.

Last week, while still recovering from Hurricane Irma, Puerto Rico was destroyed by one of the worst storms they had seen in over 75 years.  They currently face a humanitarian crisis and are in urgent need of assistance.  Beginning Friday, September 29th, 12 oz. Studios will be helping to collect donations which will be sent to those in need thanks to the Puerto Rican Civic Association in Hammonton, NJ.  We will have donation boxes located in both our Brooklawn and Deptford, NJ shops.    Donations will be accepted September 29th – October 20th.  In the coming weeks 12 oz. Studios will have more opportunities for you to help the citizens of Puerto Rico.  We greatly appreciate your assistance.

Items needed:

Diapers (child and adult)

Baby Supplies


Feminine products


Over the counter meds

Canned food items

First aid kits

Bug repellent

Paper plates, cups, utensils

Paper towels


Cleaning supplies


Dog/Bird Food


For anyone who would prefer to donate money, please visit:


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