Body Piercing by AJ

AJ is our head Piercing Specialist and works at our Deptford, NJ location. To contact AJ you can call the shop at 856-845-2222 or through his website                                                                                                                AJ’s hours:  Tuesday – Thursday 2pm – 9pm                    Friday and Saturday 12pm – 9pm

AJ has been piercing professionally since February 2007.  He is very active in the piercing community, constantly learning and sharing information with his peers to stay up to date on technique, jewelry quality, piercing placement, aftercare, and much more.  AJ is also up to date on his CPR, First Aid, and Bloodborne Pathogens Certifications. Nobody works harder than AJ to bring you the highest quality body piercing service you can get. All of AJ’s initial piercing jewelry is internally threaded and made of 316lvm implant grade stainless surgical steel as per ASTM F-138-03 and 6AL4V ELI-136 implant grade titanium, both of which meet the standards set by the APP (association of professional piercers). All of AJ’s initial piercing jewelry is from Anatometal, Industrial Strength, Blue Mountain Steel, and Glasswear Studios.  AJ also follows complete hospital sterilization standards.  Our autoclave, used specifically for body jewelry and piercing tools, is spore tested monthly to ensure that it’s in perfect working condition.  AJ meets and exceeds all standards required by the Board of Health.

A message from AJ:  “The client’s health is in my best interest. I will turn down any piercing that I’m not confident will have a proper chance at healing. I’ll do my best to educate anybody and everybody that walks through our door to ensure you get the best service possible. Even if you’ve been pierced elsewhere and have questions regarding your piercing, I’ll still share all the knowledge I have to make sure your healing process will go as smoothly as possible with zero judgment and no questions asked.”



121 thoughts on “Body Piercing by AJ

    • Yes we do, AJ our piercing is amazing. I would suggest calling the shop @ 856-742-1234 and talking to AJ. This way he can address all of your questions and concerns himself. He works Tues-Thurs 2-9pm and Fri-Sat- 12-9pm.

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    • Hi Alexis! You can give our Deptford shop a call (856 845 2222) Tues – Sat and speak with our piercer, AJ. He’ll be able to let you know all of the piercings he’s able to do and how much they cost.

  3. Hi, I’ve been looking for a good place for me to get my first piercing and I was just wondering about the price and what type of piercings you do. It would be great if you could get back to me on this.

    • Hi Lexi! You can give our Deptford shop a call (856 845 2222) Tues – Sat and speak with our piercer, AJ. He’ll be able to let you know all of the piercings he’s able to do and how much they cost.

  4. Hello! I was intending to switch out my bridge piercing for a clear piercing ‘retainer’ (if I’m using the proper term ). I know that glass ones are generally safer, so I was wondering if any glass or just general clear ‘retainers’ were sold here. I had my piercing done by Aj a year ago, so he is the only person I would trust to change my piercing as well. With that in mind, may I ask how much it is to switch out piercings? Is there a fee, if so how much?

    • Hi Stefan! We do sell glass retainers but you would need to check with AJ if we carry them for a bridge piercing (he works tues – sat). Most retainers start at around $5.00. If you purchase jewelry at 12 oz there is usually no fee to have AJ change your jewelry.

  5. Hi I was looking to get my belly button re-pierced. My first piercing rejected and it was sergical steel. How much would it cost me if I came to your shop.?

  6. I understand AJ is out of the office and my nose ring fell apart. I am going on vacation and need someone to either fix mine or I need to buy a replacement ring until AJ is back. I have sensitive skin and his jewelry appears to work well for me. Can you tell me what type of jewelry AJ sells so I know what to buy temporarily?

    • Hi, Amanda. In this case we would recommend you contact Infinite Body Piercing in Philadelphia. There piercers are members of the APP and they’ll be able to put your jewelry back in or sell you high quality jewelry.

  7. Hi Aj,
    I was wondering if there is a fee/not to adjust a microdermal near my left eye. It is showing part of the earring behind the pink diamond and feels loose. I’ve had the piercing more than 6 months or close to a year. Hope to hear back soon.

    • Hello! I’m not quite sure if there is an official charge for something like that. Your best bet would be to speak with AJ the next time he’s in the shop. He works Tuesdays through Saturdays. You can give the shop a call at 856 845 2222 stop by (1135 Hurffville Rd Deptford NJ 08096).

  8. Hello! If i got my belly button pierced by aj, I was wondering I were to come and get a bottom belly piercing, if I could bring my jewelry used from the top and it would be cheaper? Thank you!

    • Hi, Sarah. It’s certainly possible but AJ would first have to see your jewelry and see if it’s going to work for the bottom of your navel. Feel free to stop by Tues – Sat when he’s in and he’ll be able to help you out.

  9. Should you be willing to give my 12 year old daughter a tounge pricing with parental consent , and any other signed paper work.

    • Hi Diana. You must be at leat 15 years old with parental consent. You’ll need a school ID, a birth certificate, and your parent’s ID. Nostril piercing starts at $70 and goes up from there.

  10. HI, Do you do daith piercing? My daughter suffers from migraines and we are considering getting it done. We have been told that the piercing needs to be in the right spot in order to work properly. Are you experienced in this type of piercing?
    Thank you!!

    • Hi, Selena, yes we do. However, currently there is no medical or scientific evidence that daith piercings do in fact cure migraines. Our piercer is very familiar with daith piercings and can answer all your questions. He works at our Deptford shop Tues through Sat.

  11. What do you recommend for non-metallic body jewelry? I have to get an MRI and I’m worried about my piercing closing up. I have 12 ga nipple piercings.

  12. My 15 yo daughter wants an Industrial piercing. How much will it cost? And would I need to bring anything with me when we come?

    • Hi, Christine. An industrial piercing will start around $75/80 and can go up from there depending on the jewelry chosen. Your daughter will need to have with her a school ID and birth certificate. We’ll also need to see your driver’s license.

  13. AJ pierced my nose last night. My second time going to him for a piercing and would only recommend him. He is thorough, very personable, explains everything he is going to do beforehand, and is quick. Once he is done, he explains in detail the aftercare.

  14. Does this studio pierce infants? I am looking to get my 4 month olds ears pierced and looking for a safer alternative to piercing pagoda? What delivery method do you use? And how much does it start at if this is a service you perform? Thank you!

    • Hello. Unfortunately, we do not pierce children that young. Our piercer’s rule is that he can pierce a child’s ears but they have to be old enough to ask themselves.

    • Yes, we pierce septums. Septum piercings will start at $75 (piercing and jewelry included). All piercings are walk-ins and our piercer AJ works at our Deptford shop Tues through Sat.

    • You’ll need to have our piercer see if he’s able to pierce your tounge web (some people can’t have it done). From there he’ll be able to give you a price.

  15. Hi I was looking to get my nipples pierced and how much the starting price is. And how far in advance I need to make an appointment. Thank you!!

    • Hi, Kayla. Starting price for both is $170 (piercing and jewelry included). No need to make an appointment, all piercings are walk-ins. Our piercer works Tues through Sat at our our Deptford shop. He’ll be away from the shop tomorrow and will be back on Tues 6/20.

  16. Hi! I found you’re website through bvla’s store locator. You guys are the closest studio to my house that sells bvla jewlery. I was looking to get my daith pierced and was wondering if there was anyway to look at which jewlery you guys have in your store?

    • Hi, Sam. Absolutely. You are more than welcome to come to our Deptford shop Tues through Sat when our piercer is in to see our jewelry selection. If we don’t have what you are looking for we can always order it.

  17. Is this in Philly? If so do you do industrial piercings and how old do you have to be to get one? I’m 11 turning 12 in two months and I’m getting it for my birthday. So how old do I have to be?

    • Hi, Kyla. One cartilage piercing will start at $65 (piercing and jewelry included). If you are getting multiple cartilage piercings we’ll deduct $10 off of each additional piercing.

  18. Hello! I wanted to come in and get two nose piercings in my one nostril. How much would that be? Also do u guys have the option of starting with studs instead of hoops?

    • One nostril piercing will start at $65 (piercing and jewelry included). For multiple piercings your best bet would be to call our Deptford shop and speak with our piercer directly. He’ll be able to determine a starting price/price range. 856-845-2222

  19. I’m interested in a price estimate for two cartilage/helix piercings that I need re-pierced. The bottom hole closed and the top one has a stud in it but it’s a thinner one and not the 16g one you gave me. I still have the two rings from the initial piercing that I want put back in my ear.

  20. Hi , Was wondering if I can schedule a appointment for AJ? Want to bring daughter in on December 16 at noon to get nose pierced she turns 15 on the 15th. If can get back to me would appreciate it. Thank you Mike

    • Hello Em. It’s possible but our piercer will need to see your tongue in person to see if you are suitable for that piercing. Feel free to stop by our Deptford shop Tuesday through Saturday to speak with AJ.

  21. You have to be at least 15 with parental consent. The person being pierced needs to bring a school ID and birth certificate. Mom or Dad must bring their driver’s license.

  22. Hi, I am new to the area and was wondering if you do septum piercings? I saw on a few places around here that the piercer doesn’t do those and was curious if you guys do and how much it would be?

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