So we can efficiently answer your questions please contact us at:

12 Oz Studios Brooklawn

300 Crescent Blvd

Brooklawn, NJ 08030


12 Oz Studios Deptford

1135 Hurffville Rd (RTE 41)

Deptford, NJ 08096


or email:

General questions:

Alex Feliciano:

Meghan Patrick:

Tami Getzinger:

Jose Bolorin:

Chris Curtis:

Mike Sedges:

Brendan “Sailor B”:

David Carreras:

Mario Rivera Jr.:

Our Piercer



12 thoughts on “CONTACT US

  1. I’ve had two animals tattooed one on my shoulder and one on my chest by Brendan. They came out better than I expected. Thanks. Brendan

    • Hi Tina! Our artists use ink from various different reputable and safe companies. If there is a particular artist you’d like to get tattooed by we can put you in touch with them and they’ll be able to let you know what they use. Hope that helps!

  2. Hi. I’m an art student with a passion for tattoo art and aspire to be a tattoo artist and I was wondering if you had any receptionist openings or anything like that? Or maybe internships?

    • Hi, Laura. Ear lobe piercings start at $25 + the cost of jewelry. For more accurate pricing feel free to stop by our Deptford Tues through Sat and speak with our piercer.

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