2015 Star Wars Art Show

To celebrate the release of the seventh film, “Star Wars: the Force Awakens”, we held a Star Wars themed art show!  The crew at 12 oz. Studios designed their own storm trooper helmets as well as came up with some amazing Star Wars themed paintings and other pieces of art.  We also had other artists from the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York areas who contributed some amazing pieces as well.  Check out some photos from our opening reception held on December 20th, 2015 as well as all the artwork that was showcased.  And, may the force be with you!

Along with the artists from 12 oz. Studios, featured artwork from:

Ron English , S. Martin , J Isobel Del Isle (NSFW), Jeff Miller , Jessica Veprovsky , Dan Fisher , Rachel Valentino , Leon Novicke , Christian Miller , Mike Nemo , Deanna Sumatra , and Mike Kelly .