2017 12 Years of 12 oz. Art Show

2017 marked the 12th year of 12 oz. Studios existence in the tattoo world (side note: it also happens to mark the 20th year of tattooing for owner Alex Feliciano!).  To commemorate the occasion we decided on a 12 oz. themed art show.  Our fiercely talented group of artists painted/airbrushed/markered their own plywood crown and arrow (the 12 oz. Studios logo).  Alex also displayed his personal collection of artwork created by former tattoo artists that have since moved on from the shops.  There was even a bit of history thrown in the mix like the first “coming soon” advertisement Alex had designed and plastered on every window of the first 12 oz. location (116 New Broadway in Brooklawn, NJ), and the first convention banner designed for 12 oz. Studios debut at the 2005 Philadelphia Tattoo Convention.  We as a shop couldn’t be more proud of our 12 year history but also eagerly look forward to the future.  A major component to the shop existing this long and continually growing is our incredibly loyal clients who help challenge and refine our skills as artists and who have flown the Crowns and Arrows flag when recommending us to their friends and loved ones.  We are forever grateful for your patronage.  Here is a sampling of what was displayed for our show.  Enjoy!