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22 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I wanted to start a black and white tattoo project with a small 1 sqaure in tattoo. Its the logo for the video game Super Metroid. I want to build from there but all I can Afford to start with is yhe 1″ sqaure logo. I can always send a pic in a reply from my email. After the initial sqaure logo tattoo i want to have samus crouching on it but like I said I can probobly only adford the logo to start with then set an appointment to add the graywash crouching samus later. Thank you. I look forward getting this tat started asap

    • Hi, Julia. Unfortunately we can’t price tattoos without seeing the design and where it’s going on your body, in person. Feel free to stop by either shop and any of our artists will be more than happy to assist you.

    • Hi Gavin. We always recommend booking a consultation with the artist you’d like to work with first to plan out your tattoo and get pricing. From there you can schedule an appointment to be tattooed (a $50-$100 norefundable deposit is required) or if the artist has time we can tattoo you the same day. To book a consultation you can call either shop. Or if you don’t necessarily have a preference you can walk-in and whoever is available at the time can assist you.

  2. I would like to get a small pig with wings on my wrist…do I need to bring a picture or do you have ones that I could pick from. Also, I have a very low tolerance for pain…will it hurt?


    • Hi Jill. We are a custom shop so we don’t have too many designs for you to choose from. We recommend you bringing any references you have and our artists will be able to create what you want.

      Make no mistake, tattoos can hurt/be uncomfortable and a lot of it comes down to your individual pain threshold. However, most people do OK getting their wrist tattooed.

  3. Hi,
    I need to cover up a foot tattoo (it’s infinity sign with saying “big sister” )all black. I wanted to know if I got flowers to cover it, what is price range for covering tattoo?

    • Hi Candace. Unfortunately we can’t price tattoos this way. You’ll need to call either shop and schedule a consultation with one of our artists and then we’ll be able to give you a price range.

  4. Okay so I have this tattoo on my finger that I need covered up and I figured I’d have it flow into an overall hand tattoo. I image it’ll be expensive and hurt lol but I don’t know how to go about designing it. Do you have people that are good at cover ups and original sketching? Will that cost more? Sorry for my long question.

    • He, Elise. Your best bet will be to stop by either shop so we can see your tattoo in person and discuss what can be done. You can also look at our artists portfolios and if there is a particular artist you’d like to work with we can schedule you a free consultation to discuss your cover up.

  5. Hello. I am a dark-pigmented person (think Eddie Murphy’s complexion)…Your artists are highly regarded but I am curious are they able to do any type of tattoo other than just basic black ink?

    • Hi, Garret. It’s certainly possible. We would need to see your complexion in person as well as discuss what you are looking to have tattooed. Our artists will be able to determine what colors will work the best.

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