Alex Feliciano

An artist all his life, Alex set out to simply create. This passion to create is what keeps him progressing forward, thinking bigger and mastering his art. Alex grew up in Camden New Jersey, just over the Ben Franklin bridge from Philly, PA.  His initial influence was the massive graffiti walls in the mid 1980′s.

Starting as a graffiti artist, Alex transitioned to airbrushing, illustrating, and is now a world-renowned tattoo artist.  Even with over 75 trophies for his work and being featured in numerous tattoo magazines, Alex has always worked hard to improve his skills and continue learning.  He started tattooing in 1997 not wanting to specialize in any one style.  He creates his own unique versions of classic designs as well as one of a kind custom tattoos, thus qualifying him as a tattoo master.

Alex works at both our 12 oz. Brooklawn and Deptford, NJ locations.  He works by appointment only.  To schedule a tattoo appointment or consultation please call 856-742-1234 or 856-845-2222

Alex’s hours:

Tuesday (Deptford):  2 – 9 pm

Thursday (Brooklawn):  2 – 9 pm

Friday (Deptford):  12 – 9 pm

Saturday:  12 -9 pm *Alex alternates between either shop on Saturday’s.  Please contact our Deptford or Brooklawn shop to inquire where Alex will be working on Saturday’s.



2 thoughts on “Alex Feliciano

  1. Hello,
    My name is Paige. I love your art work and would really like a tattoo from you. I currently have a Buddha on my arm but it needs a lot more detail and I would like to incorporate more into the design. Please let me know when you have an opening. Thank you!

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